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Athena Pack is a leading European packaging distributor specializing in:

  • Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Chemical and Food packaging
  • Packaging Design 
  • Packaging Machinery and Equipment

Athena Pack is a well-established company in business-to-business packaging items with reference to the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and perfumery sectors. Passion  creativity, competitive pricing and professionalism are the foundations of our success.

Our packaging is characterized by its excellent functional aspects and the highest degree of quality.

Our Packaging systems comply with regulatory requirements and quality standards of the FDA in the United States and the relevant European Union directives (EU) regarding health and safety.

Our design services provide professional experience, industry knowledge, and cutting-edge technology in the design of cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging containers. We also provide information about packaging regulations, material selection and machine packing systems.

We also offer equipment and complete machine lines for filling and packaging. We are able to fulfil any requirement you may have, from a semi-automatic machine to an entire and fully automatic line. 

In Athena Pack you will find a reliable and competent partner for any aspect of your packaging needs.